A Homeschool Curriculum: A Kid’s Learning Style

After making the choice of homeschool, probably the most overwhelming problems parents face is choosing a curriculum. If you have been paying the least bit of attention to your kids through the years, and I will assume you’ve, you start to understand that kids learn in many various ways – even kids in the same family. Maths tutor Perth

If you’re starting to homeschool after your kids have spent several years in school outside your home, it can take awhile to figure out how they learn best, because time in a public or private school can turn someone into a workbook learner. Rushing into a curriculum purchase is an almost instant recipe for disappointment and frustration.

How to determine a kid’s learning style

Pour a cup of coffee or tea, breathe deeply, and read on before will make a choice. Here is how to figure out your kid’s learning style. Provide instructional books, games, models, kits, software, and see what they gravitate towards. What do they choose to do when they have free time? What toys do they like to play with? Take good notes, you’ll not remember, trust me. Take a look at your notes and see how their selections fit into the following categories. While there are several ways to evaluate learning styles, this particular way is based on character characteristics or temperament.

The Active Learner. Sometimes known as a strong willed kid, likes hands-on activities, manipulatives, construction type toys, most young kids are in this category.

The Routine Learner. The most suitable traditional curricula, likes worksheet\/workbooks and completing tasks.

The Specific Learner. He needs to be challenged and use practical activities to deepen his understanding of concepts, well-suited for learning under a mentor.

The Global Learner. Loves working and learning in a group, likes to read and learn about ideas in context.

Start a Word document and write a summary for yourself. If you keep this updated as your kid grows and changes, you can use this when making curriculum selections every year. It is worth the effort to take the time and understand your kid’s learning style.